Jurnal Ilmiah Informatika https://ejournal.amiki.ac.id/index.php/JIMI <p>Jurnal Imiah Informatika&nbsp;adalah jurnal &nbsp;yang diterbitkan oleh AKADEMI MANAJEMEN INFORMATIKA DAN KOMPUTER IBRAHIMY (AMIK Ibrahimy)&nbsp;yang terbit sejak akhir tahun 2016. Jurnal Imiah Informatika terbit secara berkala 6 bulanan. Redaksi mengundang akademisi dan para peneliti untuk menyumbangkan pemikirannya, baik berupa hasil penelitian yang sesuai dengan disiplin ilmu yang dimiliki. Naskah yang dikirim harus asli dan belum pernah dipublikasikan di media lain.</p> <p>ISSN<strong> : 2549-7480 &nbsp;- &nbsp;</strong>e-ISSN :<strong>&nbsp;</strong><strong>2549-6301</strong></p> AMIK Ibrahimy en-US Jurnal Ilmiah Informatika 2549-7480 PARTICLE SWARM OPTIMIZATION SEBAGAI PENENTU NILAI BOBOT PADA ARTIFICIAL NEURAL NETWORK BERBASIS BACKPROPAGATION UNTUK PREDIKSI TINGKAT PENJUALAN MINYAK PELUMAS PERTAMINA https://ejournal.amiki.ac.id/index.php/JIMI/article/view/65 <p><em>The lubricating oil industry is one part of the oil and gas sector which is still one of the main pillars of economic growth in Indonesia. Sales predictions are needed by companies and policy makers as planning materials and economic development strategies to increase income in the future. Predictions that have a better level of accuracy can provide appropriate decisions. Various methods have been used, the Artificial Neural Network algorithm is one of the most widely used, especially in the Backpropagation (BPNN) structure which can predict non linear time series data. Backpropagation has been proven to have a better level of accuracy compared to econometric methods such as ARIMA. The integration of Backpropagation algorithm with other algorithms needs to be done to overcome the shortcomings and improve the ability of the National Land Agency itself. Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) which is used as an optimization determinant of attribute weight values in the network structure of BPNN shows good results. After testing, BPNN without PSO has a Squared Error (SE) level of 0.012 and a Root Mean Aquared Error (RMSE) of 0.111. While BPNN with PSO has SE levels of 0.004 and RMSE of 0.059. This shows that there is a significant decrease in the error rate after the PSO algorithm is added to the BPNN structure which is 46.85%.</em></p> Muhammad Ali Ridla ##submission.copyrightStatement## http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0 2018-06-30 2018-06-30 3 1 183 192 10.5281/jimi.v3i1.65 OPTIMALISASI GERAK ANIMASI MODERN DANCE PADA TEKNOLOGI MOTION CAPTURE DENGAN TEKNIK MOTION LAYER MENGGUNAKAN ICLONE 6 PRO https://ejournal.amiki.ac.id/index.php/JIMI/article/view/64 <p><em>Motion Capture is an attractive technology for making a movement in the making of movies and games. This technique relies on the recording and motion sampling of an object as data to be transform into 3D form.The purpose of this paper will explain how to optimize movement animation&nbsp; modern dance by using Motion Layer method, presents optimized movement differences that have not been optimized, providing solutions to the creation of animated movements that are still rough. So that can be a reference in the making of movies, 3D animations, or games by combining Motion Capture techniques and Motion Layer method so that every movement produced and shown to be more perfect.</em></p> Yosua Jonathan Taringan Ina Agustina Fauziah Fauziah ##submission.copyrightStatement## http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0 2018-06-30 2018-06-30 3 1 169 175 10.5281/jimi.v3i1.64 DESAIN JARINGAN KOMPUTER PADA PERUSAHAANYANG SERING BERUBAH LETAK MEJA KERJA ATAU BERPINDAH PINDAH LOKASI KANTOR DENGAN WIFI DIRECT https://ejournal.amiki.ac.id/index.php/JIMI/article/view/59 <p><strong>ABSTRAK</strong></p> <p><strong>&nbsp;</strong></p> <p>Sama halnya dengan teknologi<em> bluetooth, </em><em>Wifi direct</em> merupakan konsep konektivitas didalam jaringan yang memungkinkan &nbsp;semua perangkat yang terhubung di dalam jaringan dapat saling akses data secara langsung antara satu dengan yang lainnya. <em>Wifi direct </em>memiliki keunggulan dalam hal konektivitas, jangkauan dan kecepatan transfer data, sehingga kedepannya akan memiliki peluang untuk menggantikan tekonolgi yang sudah ada saat ini. <em>Bluetooth</em> adalah teknologi yang paling mungkin tersaingi. Saat ini, konektivitas dengan<em> bluetooth</em> memonopoli koneksi <em>mobile gadget</em> maupun perangkat komputer seperti <em>headphones, mouse, keyboard</em><em>, printer</em> dan lainnya. Jangkuan konektivitas perangkat menggunakan <em>WiFi Direct</em> lebih jauh dan lebih kuat dibanding <em>Bluetooth</em>, oleh sebab itu <em>WiFi Direct</em> sering disebut sebagai saingan berat <em>Bluetooth</em>. Dalam hal transmisi data, <em>wifi direct</em> dapat melakukan transfer data ukuran besar, <em>WiFi Direct</em> bisa dipergunakan untuk mengakses dan bermain <em>game online</em> dan dihubungkan dengan berbagai perangkat seperti <em>PC, </em>Printer,<em> Smart TV,</em> kamera digital dan perangkat pintar lain tanpa membutuhkan kabel data. Penggunaan Wifi direct juga menjadi salah satu solusi sebagai media transmisi data untuk kantor yang sering berganti layout ruangan dan berpindah-pindah meja kerja.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Fajrillah Fajrillah Fahmil Triaga Roberto Kaban ##submission.copyrightStatement## http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0 2018-06-30 2018-06-30 3 1 176 182 10.5281/jimi.v3i1.59 SISTEM INFORMASI BANK SAMPAH SUKOREJO BERBASIS CLIENT SERVER https://ejournal.amiki.ac.id/index.php/JIMI/article/view/69 <p><em>Services to customers that have not been optimal with the implementation of the note-taking model, recording and making reports to the leadership that are still often a complaint for officers is the forerunner to this research. To overcome the problem that was complained about, then carried out steps that could help facilitate the service in the garbage bank. The solution offered is with the Client Server Design of Sukorejo Refuse Bank Application, so that services to customers can be done effectively and efficiently and can report quickly enough. With the service model that has been assisted by the application of the refuse bank, it is expected that it can also help improve the performance of officers.</em></p> <p><em>So that the process of designing this system is more directed, then the system development model is used with the waterfall method. The use of this method is chosen based on the consideration of the scope of application that only interacts within the internal Sukorejo refuse bank itself, therefore it is chosen because the scope of the application is still small scale. This system will be built with the Client Server by considering that one computer unit is reserved for the server and the other can be used as a workstation or client. This application will be created using Visual Basic 2010 and the MySQL database. With this system, it can reduce the problems in the refuse bank, so that the garbage bank can provide better service.</em></p> Lukman Fakih Lidimilah Hermanto Hermanto ##submission.copyrightStatement## http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0 2018-06-30 2018-06-30 3 1 193 198 E-NOTULEN RAPAT DI PONDOK PESANTREN SALAFIYAH SYAFI'IYAH SUKOREJO SITUBONDO https://ejournal.amiki.ac.id/index.php/JIMI/article/view/70 <p><em>The process of recording the results of meetings conducted by the notulen of the meeting and then copy back the results of meetings decision into Ms.Word causes doubled the work, the delivery model of meeting results still requires a long process so that socialize well which certainly takes quite a long time. In addition, at the meeting results of its realization could not reach the lowest level of management of the boarding schools, so many 'umana (caretaker) that sometimes do not know the of meeting results that have been approved by a caregiver .&nbsp; To resolve this problem need a special system to improve management of the meeting results, so that in practice the meeting results may socialize well and real-time. On this research proposed by using the design of the system development life cycle SDLC model, i.e. (Systems Development Life Cycle). This model is used in order to be on the design of this e-notulen meeting can be made with the needs of users and in accordance with the rules of development of the system. The proposed system will be created with web based programming language PHP and the MySQL database. The system is expected to help the workload of the meeting (Secretary) and document well the meeting results, give notification of the schedule of meetings and resolutions of the meeting can be easily socialize to each line with a good, fast and accurate. The results of this research is with the applied system "e-notulen of the meeting at boarding schools Salafiyah Syafi'iyah Sukorejo Situbondo" which could be handling big scheduling the meeting, the results, also meeting of socialization to each Executive Board under the boarding schools.</em></p> Achmad Behori Badrul Alamin ##submission.copyrightStatement## http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0 2018-06-30 2018-06-30 3 1 199 205